Batchwood School: Passion Belief Courage

A New Logo for Batchwood School

A rationale behind the new design

At Batchwood School, we are relentless in our pursuit for excellence. Part of the process in achieving this is by continually challenging the mind-set and culture of the school and encouraging it to have good attitudes and to be aspirational and ambitious.

Through a thorough and comprehensive consultation process, we arrived at the Logo and Motto you now see. Passion, Belief and Courage are the characteristics we want to see all our students grow and develop as they prepare for life after Batchwood School. Those people that excel in life are those that follow their passion. At Batchwood we are committed to enabling every student to find their passion, to believe in themselves and to have the courage to persevere and achieve their life plans and dreams.

This school is a student-centred school, and Henry Smith a former Head Student (2020-2021) came up with ‘Cog idea’ for the Logo. Below is his rationale behind the design:

In the Batchwood logo, the imagery of cogs is used to convey both a sense of togetherness as well as the need for individuality in school, because without these things, like cogs, the school system would not work for them. If a young person comes to school willing to learn they will learn well, however if they come to school without the drive to learn, then the school, with all its different cogs available, will help them turn things around, because school is a like a machine preparing children for later life; furthermore, the cogs in the logo are within a shield which signifies the togetherness and community that school presents. The shield could also be taken more literally representing the walls and fences of the school grounds. These attributes all contribute to creating a homely atmosphere and provide for the school community an experience at school that is as stress free and calming as possible.  (Henry Smith)

Adding to this are the thoughts from another former head student Connor Hudson (2020-2021):

The Cog design has much more of a story behind it. We are all different and the colours and sizes of the cogs represent our diversity. They also represent the House colours that are an important pastoral system in our school.

Students defining their student-centred school.

Batchwood School - Passion Belief Courage