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Radicalisation & Extremism

How we prevent radicalisation & extremism – extracts from our school policies:

Batchwood School is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all our students. We recognise that safeguarding against radicalisation is no different to safeguarding against any other vulnerability. All staff at Batchwood upholds and promotes fundamental British Values and must report any concerns.

Our SMSC provision is embedded across the curriculum (see school website) and directs our assemblies and underpins our school ethos. It is recognised that children with low aspirations are more vulnerable to radicalisation and therefore we strive to equip our students with confidence, self-belief, respect and tolerance, as well as setting high standards and expectations for themselves

Students are regularly taught how to stay safe when using the internet and are encouraged to recognise people who aren’t always who they say they are online. They are always taught to seek adult help if they are upset or concerned about anything they read or see on the internet

Within our Behaviour policy, staff have a learning focus, build relationships and encourage students to take responsibility. Restorative approaches are encouraged and supported by teachers calmly when explaining where student’s behaviour has failed to meet community expectations as well as considering the appropriate community response.

Further reading:

Links can be found in Batchwood School’s Safeguarding policy.