Batchwood School: Passion Belief Courage


The school has continued to improve. We have worked very hard on refining the Quality of Education for all our students and making sure that they leave Batchwood School having achieved everything and more, than they would have achieved elsewhere, and are able to access the course of their choice at post-16. We are determined in our drive to make a difference and ensuring all students have the best outcomes to thrive outside of Batchwood School.

Ofsted have told us that our students enjoy learning in a wide range of subjects. The importance of keeping safe, maintaining healthy lifestyles and having respectful relationships are regularly enforced in different situations. As a school, we are equally ambitious for students’ academic achievement as we are for their social, emotional and mental health development. Behaviour is good and bullying is certainly not tolerated. Safeguarding arrangements are effective and the leaders of the school have acted decisively to continue to improve the school since 2018.

So what is next for Batchwood School?

  • Continue to review what is taught, why it is taught and when it is taught so that the curriculum is clear, cohesive and robust
  • Work closely with students and families to improve attendance so that more time is spent in school and that we continue to support all students to achieve their very best by the time they leave at the end of Year 11

pdf Batchwood Ofsted Report 2022